Persons with Reduced Mobility

A special transport support service is available for disabled passengers. Please contact the Information Desk for further information. Special parking spaces for the disabled are also reserved in the P0 parking area, just outside the entrance to the main airport building. There are no special requirements relating to disabled passengers boarding aircraft, but you should make sure that your airline has been informed with enough advance notice if you wish to benefit from all the airport services on offer.

Our quality-assurance commitments

Our services extend from the time you park your car in the car park or are dropped off in the quick drop-off lane right through to your departure. Equally, on arrival, they extend from the time your aircraft lands right up until you leave the airport for the entire duration of the period of airport traffic opening hours.

Usual waiting times for PRM assistance

Upon departure with prior reservation: under 10 minutes for 80% of passengers

Upon departure without prior reservation: under 25 minutes for 80% of passengers

Upon arrival (after all passengers have disembarked from the aircraft):

  • with prior reservation: under 5 minutes for 80% of passengers
  • without prior reservation: under 25 minutes for 80% of passengers

Assistance quality assurance

Assistance may be requested:

  • at the entrance to the car parks (interphones at the car park entrance gates) - inside the airport building (at the entrance to the Departures hall)
  • at the check-in desks for each flight
  • at the Information Desk
  • At the reception desk for people with disabilities and reduced mobility

The airport authorities have installed communication facilities, notice boards and public information signs in the car parks and at the entrances to the airport building. Wheelchair-friendly facilities including ramps, toilets and lifts are also provided for.

Staff training

  • Staff who provide direct assistance to people with disabilities and reduced mobility receive special training from the Association des Paralysés de France (the French association for people with physical disabilities), which enables them to meet each individual’s needs according to their particular disability or level of mobility;
  • Staff working face to face with the travelling public receive disability awareness and equality training from the Association des Paralysés de France;
  • Our staff attend refresher courses at suitable intervals

IMPORTANT : Please make sure you arrive at the airport at least ONE HOUR ahead of your scheduled flight departure time and at least TWO HOURS if you are travelling with a wheelchair equipped with an electric battery (as current Security Regulations require that all battery fluids be emptied before boarding). Only long-haul aircraft are equipped with wheelchairs and special toilet facilities.